DEVICESThe Most Cost Effective Air Disinfection Solution Available on the Market

99% reduction of viruses in 2 hours
  • Kills airborne bacteria and viruses in real-time;
  • Easy to Install 60cm x 60cm unit; recessed or suspended installation;
  • Minimal Maintenance;
  • Low Operational cost;
  • Safe (Ozone free) sterilization;

Safe Reopening of your Office

Protect your employees and clients

We will help you reopen your business in line with government guidelines and give your employees the confidence to return to a healthy, clean and safe workplace.



UVC Antiviral Air Disinfection panels reduce the spread of infectious and harmful microorganisms by destroying their DNA structure with UV lights. The unit kills bacteria in public places, such as operating theatres, dental offices, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants, fitness centres, office spaces, schools and child care facilities.
How the UVC has been used to clean Hospitals?
How the UVC has been used to clean Care Homes?
A safe indoor space to exercise
Make indoor spaces safer
Make indoor spaces safer for your team
Protect your students and staff at school

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How UVC Antiviral Air Disinfection Panel works

UVC Antiviral Air Disinfection Panels units are designed to prevent and reduce the spread of airborne infectious and harmful microorganisms by destroying their DNA with ultraviolet (UV) lights.

Low Energy

Features light-emitting diode (LED) strips. Highly energy-efficient with a longer lifespan.

Removes Airborne & Pathogens

Encapsulated UV-C light eliminates pathogens while keeping people safe.

Safe & Protected

Eliminates airborne pathogens, without producing harmful ozone.

UVC Antiviral Air Disinfection Panel

The Most Cost Effective Device in the Market
  • Kills Airborne, Bacteria and Virus
  • Easy to Install
  • Recessed or suspended Installation
  • Ideal for Offices, Schools, Hospitality.