Each Airocide product has a fan that draws the air from your home into the unit. The air is slowly pushed across hollow glass tubes. These tubes are coated with what is called a catalyst. A catalyst is something that makes a chemical process easier. The name for this process is Photocatalytic Oxidation. It is safe, efficient, and has been proven to produce no harmful byproducts. This is the exact same process that NASA used as a VOC air purifier on the International Space Station.

TECHNOLOGYMain characteristics which make Airocide worthwhile on the long run

Innovation. Safety. Design. Airocide has all of them.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small and compact size
  • It’s easy to install and simple to use
  • Due to its quiet operation it does its job unnoticed
  • It doesn’t use filters so it doesn’t require regular maintenance
  • It looks great in any interior: it’s a streamlined piece of design
  • It does not release any harmful by-product
Domestic Use & Small Offices Spaces
Healthcare, Hospitality & Larger Offices Spaces
Larger Commercial & Industrial Spaces
Large Public Spaces & High Risk Areas

DESIGNEye-Catching Design

Airocide is the most technologically advanced air purifier on the market. Our mission was to make sure that the look complemented the performance.

We have won an Edison award for our efforts, and our customers tell us that our air purifiers are a perfect match for the modern home. But, our design is not just meant to look good. It is critical to making sure that our NASA developed technology gets just the right amount of air to be as efficient as possible. This name for this is the Coanda effect.


  • Edison Awards – Innovations & Innovators;
  • CED Coanda-Effect Aerodynamics.

AIROCIDE AT HOMERelief at Last For Allergy Sufferers.

Prevent allergy symptoms by destroying allergens with Airocide Technology

Do you suffer from allergies? Are traditional filters just not working for you? Our belief is that the kinds of filters you have in your air conditioner are simply not designed to eliminate the things that are making you sick. An Airocide air purifier can help. Airocide uses cutting edge NASA developed technology that has been proven to eradicate everything harmful in your home’s air.

Airocide is Clean Air Revolution.

Indoor quality that's lightyears ahead. Protecting your beloved ones from harmful airborne pathogens and particles.
Filters are dirty, use a lot of power, and have to be changed every couple of months. Airocide is different. It is clean, uses very little power, and requires minimal maintenance. You only have to change the reaction chambers once per year. That is it! It takes 30 seconds!
So safe it was used aboard a sealed spacecraft. In fact, the Airocide technology is cleared by the FDA as a Class 2 Medical Device. That means that it can be used in an operating room during a surgical procedure.
Think about a screen door. Large particles are prevented from passing through it, while smaller things, like tiny particles, waft through unaffected. Filters work the same way. They're ineffective against smaller particles. The result is that those smaller things, viruses and VOCs get post them.
HEPA air purifier will only trap particles .3 microns in size or larger. Most bacteria, mould spores, viruses and VOCs will pass right through a filter and continue to be a problem in your home.

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NASA had a Problem. AIROCIDE was the Answer.

Transporting people into deep space for the Mars mission has a variety of challenges. Feeding astronauts on long term space missions required fresh fruits and vegetables to be grown onboard the craft. But, fresh-cut products emit a harmful VOC called Ethylene. How were they going to remove it from the air safely and effectively? AIROCIDE was the Answer.

TECHNOLOGYTrusted NASA technology

It is strong enough for Space, it can do wonders for your home. Airocide air purifiers have been used in the toughest environment known to man. Outer Space. And, they worked.

Airocide is the NASA air purifier. Our technology removed harmful VOCs from the International Space Station and the Columbia shuttle. It made the air safe for our astronauts, and the food they need. It does not matter how challenging the environment is. It can be the space station, an operating room, a wine cave, or your bedroom.

Airocide works.

For more than twenty years, Airocide products have been used by food processors, wineries, grocery stores, and hospitals to protect their air. Airocide will work wonders for your home.

TECHNOLOGYAirocide eliminates

No matter what the problem is in the air, Airocide has a solution.

Our core NASA developed technology will eliminate anything based on the element carbon. This includes VOCs, Pollen, Mold Spores, Bacteria, Viruses, and Odors. If your problem is one of these, then the APS-200 is the best Airocide product for you.

But, in 2018 Airocide went a step further. Our research team figured out how to add two of the most advanced filter technologies to our existing NASA PCO technology. This expands the range of problems that Airocide technology can solve. The APS-200 PM 2.5 can eliminate all of the carbon-based problems listed above, and also eliminate PM 2.5.


Trusted by Irish Businesses

What our clients say
“The safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees remain our highest priority as the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve. At the Red Cow Moran Hotel, we are meticulous about our cleaning and hygiene practices and are working with UVC Clean Air System to add the extra dimension of antiviral air disinfection units.”
Tracey Moran
Communications Director at the Red Cow Moran Hotel

What our clients say
“As a busy city centre-based recruitment agency, we needed to provide a safe work environment, where we could meet both candidates and client companies, while still respecting all HSE and government guidelines. The UVC Clean Air System gave us the peace of mind we needed when it came to keeping both our clients and staff as safe as possible.”
Colm O’Rourke
General Manager at Felix Recruitment
What our clients say
“As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of both staff and clients in our offices - we chose to work with the team at UVC Clean Air System for the provision of antiviral air disinfection units.”
Michael Sandys
Owner at TaxAssist Accountants Dublin
What our clients say
“At Peter Boyle & Company Solicitors, we are committed to the safety of our staff and clients at all times. To ensure the safest workplace environment possible in compliance with best practice, we took the decision to add an extra layer protection in the form of the UVC Clean Air System. We found the company very professional and obliging.”
Peter Boyle & Co. Solicitors
What our clients say
“The UVC Clean Air System came as an obvious choice to us, when implementing various safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our staff and customers.”
Donal Byrne
Pamela Scott


APPLICATIONSIndustrial Application



Airocide eliminates harmful bacteria and mold spores from the air. This is why it has been a critical part of high-quality health care for nearly twenty years. It is used in hospitals and other health care facilities all over the world to prevent infections that come from airborne sources.
Food Processing

Food Processing

Protecting the food you eat has been Airocide’s core business since 2001. Fresh cut fruits and vegetables emit a VOC called Ethylene which acts as a ripening switch. However, when this VOC’s concentration gets too high it causes pre-mature ripening and rot. This is a costly side effect and a major problem for the global food supply chain. Airocide eliminates Ethylene and keeps fruit and vegetables fresh.


Grey Mold affects almost every type or variety of floral crop grown. And costs you money. Our systems have been deployed by leading floral companies to protect their assets. Reports from Reeves Floral Products, shows airborne mold reduced by 92% in just 24 hours. And bacteria dropped by 58% in the same period. Roses lasted 18 days longer than normal. Airocide means longer product life, higher yields and better profits.


Airocide technology is used by over seventy well known winemakers. In fact, it is very likely that your favorite vintage was aged in an Airocide environment. Airocide eliminates mold spores, which are a big problem in wine caves. If Mold grows on the wine barrels, it can be a very costly loss. Airocide prevents this problem, and keeps wine tasting the way it should.

RESEARCH Scientifically Proven, Verified Results

Research Studies - Healthcare

Developed for NASA. Proven in clinical studies. Proven in real-world hospitals.

Explore the evidence. Then put Airocide to work for you.

Research Studies - Food, Floral & Wine

Protect Food, Flowers, Plants And Wine From Harmful Bacteria, Mold And Volatile Organic Compounds.

Explore the evidence. Then put Airocide to work for you.

Research Studies - MRI Global Reports

Airocide is proven to kill 99.99% of SARS-COV-2 within minutes

Explore the evidence. Then put Airocide to work for you.