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Decontamination and destruction of smells

In an industry where overall health is of key importance to everyone involved, the presence of Airocide® Bioconversion Technology is a must. The Airocide® Bioconversion Units eliminate airborne pathogens at a molecular level, leaving only traces of harmless vapour behind. They use no filters, require very little maintenance and use no more power than a light bulb. It’s probably the only piece of gym equipment that suffers no wear and tear while significantly improving the health of your members and colleagues.

Odour removal

Experts tell us that airborne proteins not only “smell” they also feed bacteria and microorganisms. Airocide® Bioconversion Technology has the unique ability to oxidize those Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), so that the odours associated with them disappear too. In enclosed public spaces where many of the people are sweating and training, odour is a certainty. Clear this odour and provide your clients with fresher, cleaner air to train in and see your clientele grow.

The destruction of airborne micro-organisms

  • Less absenteeism
  • Less allergens in the air
  • A great platform for communication and differentiation

Reduction of bad smells

  • Better brand image
  • Reduces the consumption of deodorisers
  • Less cleaning
  • Positive impact on customer loyalty